The Complete Guide To Waterbeds And Bedroom Stuff




a bed with a water-filled rubber or plastic mattress.

The waterbed is among one of the most popular choices for people when they are choosing a new bed. Some vouch for its comfort, others for the excellent support to your spinal chord, but I would vouch for both.

There are two types of waterbeds- hard sided and soft sided. Hard-sided waterbeds use a wooden frame with a chamber of water inside. A soft-sided waterbed looks like the traditional spring bed. But instead of springs, there is a water chamber inside of a foam frame.

Compared to the usual innerspring beds waterbeds can last for a longer time. If you get punctures or leaks in your mattress, this can be easily repaired with most waterbeds lasting between 12-15 years. Beds with water mattresses give great support for your back as it contours closely to your body. This means there is reduced pressure on your body and it is often more comfortable.

Another advantage of waterbeds is that it has been proven to help reduce back pain. And helps improve posture.

However, some downsides to waterbeds are that they are extremely heavy (sometimes weighing close to 900 pounds). Another issue is initially setting up the bed as it is more complex and takes a longer time.

Some trusted brands of water mattresses include:


Their 90% waveless waterbed mattress comes at an affordable price and great quality.

Comfort Craft

Their evolution mattress comes with fabric freshness and is highly durable.


The Lumbar Supreme model is super comfortable with 5 layers of soft wave reduction. It also comes with a conditioning kit to maintain your bed.

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